May 2018

Tchaikovsky 6th Symphony (Pathétique) – Ferenc Fricsay conducting
May 28, 2018

Today, I decided to move back to orchestral music.  We are going to hear Tchaikovsky’s final symphony, which many consider to…

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Salut! demeure chaste et pure – Sing off
May 27, 2018

This posting is an indulgence to me, and since I'm the one posting, I'm going to indulge myself.  You've heard of... Read More
Der Nussbaum – Robert Schumann
May 19, 2018

In this posting, I am returning to the idea of a comparison of singers against one piece.  I have decided to... Read More
Winterreise – Part II – Franz Schubert, sung by Lotte Lehmann
May 17, 2018

This introduction is essentially a copy from the Winterreise Part I posting.  These are the last 12 songs that Schubert wrote.... Read More
Frida Leider – Great Wagnerian, Immolation Scene
May 13, 2018

This clip is 15 minutes long.  It is the Immolation scene from Götterdämerung.  I won’t put anything else in this post…

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Tito Schipa, tenore di grazia
May 10, 2018

Tito Schipa Tito Schipa was an extremely famous and talented light lyric tenor, or "tenore di grazia" in Italian.  His voice... Read More
Winterreise Part 1 – Franz Schubert
May 7, 2018

Schubert's Winterreise is a song cycle for piano and male voice of 24 poems by Wilhelm Müller set to music by... Read More