June 2020

Rosa Ponselle – the true art part 2
June 18, 2020

I am going to post some more recordings by Rosa Ponselle, primarily because she was such an influence on later opera... Read More
Régine Crespin, French Falcon soprano
June 8, 2020

Before introducing Régine Crespin, I want to describe what a Falcon soprano is. The term "Falcon" comes from Marie Cornélie Falcon,... Read More
Henri Legay, French light lyric tenor
June 8, 2020

Parisian-born Henri Legay (1920–1992) won first prize at the conservatoire in 1947 but began his career singing in musical shows before... Read More
Adelina Patti and Marcella Sembrich
June 6, 2020

This is going to be an historial posting. If the history of singing does not interest you, I would advise you... Read More
Giacomo Lauri-Volpi, Spinto Tenor
June 3, 2020

Lauri-Volpi enjoyed one of history’s longest careers, making his last opera performance at the age of 67 and astonished the world... Read More