March 2021

Charles Panzéra, Swiss Baritone
March 28, 2021

Charles Panzéra was the leading baritone exponent of French song between the wars. French song in French is called mélodie. He... Read More
Die Walküre Act III – Leb’ wohl, Alexander Kipnis (Wotan), Leo Blech, Die Staatskapelle Orchestra Berlin (c)
March 25, 2021

I am not done with Die Walkürie yet. I honestly believe, even given all my hesitation about Wagner, that the aria... Read More
Die Walküre, 1st Act, Lotte Lehmann and Lauritz Melchior, Bruno Walter (c)
March 25, 2021

Oh, yes, I've done it. I have steered myself back to vocal music, but I got caught in Wagner. What I... Read More
Beethoven 6th Symphony (Pastoral) Weingartner (c)/Tchaikovsky 6th Symphony (Pathétique) Mravinsky (c)
March 20, 2021

Believe it or not, I am wending my way back to vocal music. But it occurred to me that I have... Read More
Anton Bruckner 7th Symphony in E-major WAB 107, Eugen Jochum (c)
March 10, 2021

Yes, it's true. I am stuck in German symphonic mode, and I haven't even touched Brahms! At some point, I will... Read More
Mahler Symphony 9 D major/D-flat, Bruno Walter conductor 1938
March 8, 2021

This is one of those works in Western classical music that one should hear at least once.  Actually, it is a... Read More
The Grande Messe des morts (or Requiem), Op. 5, by Hector Berlioz
March 5, 2021

There are four major requiems in Western classical music: Mozart, Verdi, Brahms (which is a requiem in name only), and Berlioz.... Read More