January 2022

Gabriella Besanzoni, lyric mezzo
January 31, 2022

Here is my tale of woe with respect to this mezzo. There are very few recordings of her on youtube. Pulling... Read More
Mendelssohn Octet in E flat major, Op.20
January 16, 2022

I have already published this piece under the Dutch violinist Janine Jansen.  I am posting this same piece again because of... Read More
Andréa Guiot, French full lyric soprano
January 16, 2022

This was a great voice; a large lyric soprano. Born in Garons, France, Guiot studied voice with the tenor Marcello Santalouna... Read More
Mademoiselle (An Interview with Nadia Boulanger)
January 2, 2022

Mademoiselle, as she insisted on being called, was a world-renowned coach, harmony teacher, composition teacher, and much more. I am going... Read More