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Felicie Hüni-Mihacsek, dramatic-lyric soprano
February 5, 2020

Felicie Hüni-Mihacsek was a Hungarian soprano. She was born in Pecs, the fifth largest city in Hungary, in 1891, and she... Read More
Elvira de Hidalgo, Coloratura Soprano and Callas’ teacher
January 26, 2020

Elvira de Hidalgo was a popular singer in her time, but her fame as a singer has been eclipsed by her... Read More
Adriana Calcanhotto
January 24, 2020

This post has nothing to do with classical music. I'm posting Brazilian pop music. It's not exactly pop; I guess that... Read More
Horszowski, Istomin, Serkin, Casals Bach Triple Concerto BWV 1064
January 18, 2020

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am not going to focus on singers today, but rather on instrumentalists. More... Read More
Felix Weingartner – Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, recreated
January 2, 2020

My local orchestra has a tradition of playing Beethovern's 9th Symphony on New Year's Eve. This gave me the idea of... Read More
Göta Ljungberg, High Dramatic Soprano
December 14, 2019

This was a great voice. So great that I went to the trouble of remastering all these selections. The reason that... Read More
Time for Wagner!!
October 24, 2019

It’s time to delve into the story of Wagner’s Ring Cycle.

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Celestina Boninsegna, high dramatic soprano
October 14, 2019

Italian operatic soprano, known for her interpretations of the heroines in Verdi’s operas.

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Irene Minghini-Cataneo, Italian Mezzo
October 5, 2019

Her free voice and the extension of sound is often not heard in singing today.

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History of Recording Music
October 4, 2019

A history from acoustical recording to the age of vinyl.

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